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Electrical needs such as wiring, installation of lighting fixtures and electrical appliances, are quite common. It is critical that you choose a reliable and trustworthy technician to handle these jobs properly and safely. After establishing ourselves as a reputable service provider, we are now offering our esteemed clients a wide array of residential electrical services. These services are being offered by an approved technician in London. Thus, we can cater for your needs in an efficient and professional manner, and as always, our rates are highly affordable.


We have always aimed to offer a friendly and personalised service to our clients. In fact many clients were pleased with the various services we provided, and we trust that when it comes to this new field, we will continue to offer you the same high quality service you deserve. Our licensed electrician has several years of experience as well as qualifications to back him up.


If you have bought a new house, you need to make sure that everything relating to the electrical connections is fine. Without experience in electrical work, you will not be able to verify this, and chances are that there may be some problems that might require attention. Our technician can carry out extensive electrical home inspections so as to put your mind at rest that everything is okay. You should do this before you move in so that if there is anything wrong you will reduce the inconvenience of having to reside there while work is underway. The technician will be able to carry out the required electrical repairs while also advise you of any other issues you would not have thought about. Any wiring hazards or any other issue that might be dangerous for your family will be assessed by the technician. He will explain what the problem is, what can be done to solve it, and also provide you with an estimate of the costs involved. So any electrical problem in your home will be resolved as best as possible for your safety and peace of mind.


Panel upgrades, surge and lightning protection, repairing or replacing meter sockets, installing new outlets and replacing the fuse and breaker panel, are some jobs the technician will be able to see to.


If you would like to install new appliances or fixtures, the technician will also be able to offer you such services. This may include LED lighting, flood lights, smoke detectors, motion sensors, cable TV wiring, phone wiring, security cameras, intercoms, ceiling fans, electric gates and electric hot water tanks, among others.


If you need to carry out remodeling in your home, there may be various electrical services which you may need. Changes in the layout of the rooms, demand more outlets for example. Our technician will be able to advise you on the best positions as well as other related matters.


We strive to offer you a service that is efficient yet affordable. Our technician will be at your door as soon as possible so as to see to your needs. So, whatever types of electrical services you might require, you need look no further. Simply call us, and we guarantee you won’t be disappointed.