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From altering the feel of one’s room or changing the environment of an office, windows play an important role in bringing various changes to the decor and ambiance of a room. Despite that, there is no denying that it is a bit of a hassle to clean windows, and most people prefer not to do it. But cleaning windows from time to time is a must. As a result most people prefer to hire professional window cleaners for the job. Our company is now offering window cleaning services in London and surrounding areas. We have decided to start offering this service after many clients inquired about it. When hiring us for window cleaning in London, you can expect a great service at an affordable price, because as always, we believe that our clients deserve the very best.

Window cleaning is a rather tough job to do especially if the windows in question are on the top floor of a large building. Our window cleaning services are ideal for all sorts of commercial establishments, offices and houses. We adopt the best and the safest methods to clean windows properly but quickly.

Our team of window cleaners are trained to provide high quality services. They are the experts when it comes to accessing areas that are difficult for anyone to reach and use the best possible techniques to clean a window well. Our team is always equipped with the best tools to carry out the job.

As you know, cleaning windows can be tricky as water marks and streaks of dust can be still visible after a simple wash. A cleaning solution is better than just pure water or ordinary glass cleaning liquid, because it not only cleans but also leaves the windows sparkling for a long time. The excess water tends to create streaks after drying up, so it is important to wipe it off immediately after cleaning. With specialised squeegees or glass panel cleaners our cleaners will wipe out excess water or residue of the solution from the glass.

There are various types of windows and each of them requires different techniques to clean them. For example, a lead window cannot be cleaned using a squeegee. It is important to wet the windows using a microfiber cloth to wipe off the dirt and dried up water. It is a lengthy process and requires patience and care, but our team is certainly up to it.

The French or Georgian windows are a bit of a hassle to clean because of their sizes and shapes. There are also difficulties arising due to the positioning and height of some windows. However, our professional cleaners can overcome all of these obstacles. Ladders are the best way to access windows on first or second floors of a residential building, but when it comes to cleaning windows that are positioned on top of a really tall building, our cleaners make use an extendable carbon fiber pole that can reach up to 80 feet. To reach a height beyond 80 feet, we then use powered access machinery. Our team are trained to operate such machinery so that even windows at the top floors are left clean and sparkling.

With the help of a reach and wash system, the cleaners will still be able to clean windows on top floors. The cleaner will have to attach safety cables to him and clean the windows while hanging in mid-air. Our window cleaners are experts when it comes to proper window cleaning, and thanks to their training, experience and gadgets they are going to provide high quality services to our esteemed clients. So for all your window cleaning needs in London, including window cleaning up to 30ft, we are here to assist you.